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Anarcha, Chihuahua (3 y/o), Molasky Family Park, Las Vegas, NV • "She's named after 'anarchy' – no means no – without consent, she bites. She's a rescue from a shelter and was on a kill list because she wasn't socialized. She's crazy, but she warmed my heart. We did a road trip from here to New York, and she would sleep on my chest in the car. Everyone's a little damaged."

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Cody McCauley

@emilymcraex @sand._ "Everyone's is alittle damaged."


@sarahsavestheday SO CUTE READ THE CAPTION💗💗

@nhudson.xo a shaved mocha


Is this moch? Lmao @khudsonn

Heidi Hubbert

I absolutely love reading stories like this!!! Thank you so much for sharing! I think she's absolutely beautiful! Every dog deserves a home! And like you said, We are ALL a little damaged!!! ALL! And I truly believe when we rescue animals, especially the ones getting passed up, they truly know it! And end up being the best, most loyal, loving pets/family!! 💜🐶🐾

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