Beautiful Nature & Animals

Beautiful Nature & Animals

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@KONAleashes is a handmade dog accessory company that donates 1LB of proceeds back to NO- KILL shelters. They have ALREADY donated over 2,000LBS.

Each leash is made in the USA and is backed with a lifetime warranty!

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Molly Burke

@wendydonnelly I did this before!

Wendy Donnelly

Hello your dogs are pretty too @mollybearly @josedirte @montgoee

Gary On Earth 🌍



En mi perfil aparecen foto de Shere Khan alguien podria decirme que raza es?, es el de color negro, gracias

Kris Londyn

For some country covers check out my page!! Help me get to 8k 💁 thank you 🎼🎼

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