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Wisdom, German Shepherd (3 y/o), 2017 CES, Las Vegas, NV • "She's my second Seeing Eye dog. My first dog, Barbie, was long-legged and slender (as her name would suggest). I lost my sight when I was seven. I was shot. We had a family German Shepherd named Kim at the time, and when I got back home from the hospital, Kim figured out there was something wrong and would protect me. I was a cane user until I was thirty, but it's nice to have a companion; someone else in the house. I won't take her to a concert – it's too loud. That's the only disadvantage. Oh, and canes don't shed." –, @theseeingeye






Wisdom is a beautiful young lady. ❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️

Doug Terhune

I am going to rub all over his pants when he least expects it!! 😋

Kiril Efimenko

For your blind how do you take photos ? Please tell me! I would appreciate it a lot!😄 Thank you @thedogist