The Dogist

Diego, Pit Bull mix (1 y/o), Sewallcrest City Park, Portland, OR • "He likes to chew sticks more than playing with other dogs."




Ellie Thompson

Haha my Boston Terrier does the same thing! We go to the dog park just she can play with a ball. No socializing for her! Maybe we can arrange a playdate and our dogs can ignore each other 😂

Veerangana Ar

So cute!!!❤️🐶🐶

Carrie Cohen

I love how no one comments negatively about the fact that he's eating a stick, something he does all the time apparently. Even though it's inedible, extremely dangerous/hazardous for numerous reasons-but when an owner is using a prong collar for personal training purposes and RIGHTFULLY, the negative comments are nonstop. Do some research.

Dale Haagen

My dog has that same coat!