Foster pup Sam was really into the Poop Fairy's moves #danceforyourdog #thisisnormal Poop Fairy @halleratyou Sam from @muddypawsrescuenyc




Shell Elise

yay now i want to dance for my dogs in a poop hat @coachrob_87


Lmao! I can't dance in front of my dogs like that, they go nuts and try to dance too

Baylee Rook

@itsnotjoe_13 I do that to Cash on a daily basis. Part of my after shower routine. He's not that thrilled about it.

Joe Williams

@lady_bay_ funny this is that I do this from time to time with Rex

Baylee Rook

@itsnotjoe_13 #wifeygoals I want to find her for you😄

Joe Williams

@lady_bay_ my future wife

Massiel Beswick

@somillan hahahahahah noaotras si tuvieramos un perro