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@MikeTrout out here cheezin’. 😃


In his endless pursuit of perfection, Kobe knew that championships meant more than friendships. "Detached" celebrates the idea that friends may come and go, but banners hang forever. Available 8.24



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How many turns could you do on a slackline?
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You should see me peeing when my back hurts...


@bocas_house #coralgables gracias a mi Dios por tantas bendiciones!


If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere. - Vincent Van Gogh.
Love the little quotes on the teabags we have at home ❤️ Starting my day right with positivity and delish clean food - granola and nut milk from my mama and nutrition guru @nadinetengco ❤️


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Two Pibbles walk into a hospital...see for yourself 😂
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@jordanliberty does it again with this gorgeous full-face #benefit look:
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✨Highlight: #wattsup
✨Lashes: #rollerlash mascara
✨Brows: #preciselymybrowpencil in shade 6 & #gimmebrow in shade 5
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Photo by @dnym_
Alone with his camera on an Indonesian beach, a passing horse and rider sent Denny Muhammad (@dnym_) scrambling to click the shutter button. “This photo expresses my feelings about this world,” he describes. “In darkness, there is always a light.” #WHPadventure


"Well, I think @gordanramsey just doesn't appreciate a good bruschetta.. 😉😝" ~ Crusoe


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Hey, watch this, he hates it when I do this. #Gasse #doesthisbugyou




Look at that little face 😍


Sábado eu tenho um encontro marcado com a galera na @copabavaria. Vamos fazer história... Abre o portão que eu to voltando Goiânia!! 😆🤠💥 #GusttavoLima #CopaBavaria #BaladaEventos



Now this is a proud boy. Custom art by @popyourpup


"This is my 2 month old puppy, Helka" writes @petit.loup.francais


i was chosen by @bellomag to be their 'it guy'. here is a behind the scenes photo from the shoot that made me realize my hands look more masculine than my face. ---
📸 @artGphoto, 👔 @official_lukatonic, 💇🏻‍♂️ @patrickchai1, 👖 @paravalco


#toungeouttuesday 😛 via @themannypac


Have you ever bought something fake? Like an imitation bag or had imitation jewelry... imitation crab is pretty lit.... 🦀 But really. Fake butter never tastes as good as real butter, fake bags and shoes don't feel the same. Imitation just doesn't satisfy the same way...
Hollywood is full of imitated success. People living in houses they don't own, taking pics with celebs they aren't friends with, leasing cars they can't afford and then having the balls to post online how you should hashtag "boss up" etc etc. I'm sure there's a certain pleasure in imitation success. At least it looks good on the outside. But I can't imagine that "likes" feel as good when you bought them or that you you got a good gig from doing something shady... that's LA tho and life in general. •
There's a discomfort in not being where you want. I definitely panic every single day, hoping that I'm doing the right thing and that doing things the honest way may pay off- because I know there's a chance it never will. BUT: I'm holding out for the real butter, the expensive ass crab, the car I could buy and the job I could be proud I earned. No man, no parents, no imitation. •
Fitness is an interesting parallel to imitated success. You can have your abs sculpted, your pecs implanted and you can crash diet and lose 15 pounds the shitty way. OR you can do it right and embrace the panic and the insecurity. Real work pays off and feels good on the inside. Imitation always feels cheap. 😝 •
@1stphorm Real Quality, Real #Phamily #noimitating #BCAAbreak #thinkingaboutbuttertho #1stphorm 👊🏼


It's surreal that I've had the honor of skating with these guys for the last 30 years: @mikemcgill @stevecaballero & @christianhosoi
(clips from lunchtime session at my ramp today)


Whilst we're in Spain 🇪🇸 chasing the sunshine, @mutyyyaaa is doing a pretty good job on #WestminsterBridge 🔥😍 || #thisislondon


This dog makes me melt! And the custom @popyourpup tee is pretty cool too. Get yours made with a photo of your pet!




Bali tomorrow ✨