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Dinner time is upon us...




Thanks to everyone who came out to the new Bev Center #HouseOfHoops! Come check out the new look and all the 🔥 product.


Jesse is Gary's dingleberry. Gary is usually very patient with the dingleberry, letting it fall off naturally, but sometimes it's been there so long that he has to take measures to remove it. #TeamGaryTrivia


Keep quiet don't tell them I'm setting up shop. I don't come to make friends. When I come, I take over. #50Centralbet


New Episode Tonight on E! 💜


I was just minding own business, having a great weekend, when Mom noticed my nasty ear! 👂😝 #swipeleft
Getting started on @zymox_official right away, I'll be better in no time!


Have you tried our new #gogotint cherry red cheek & lip stain yet?! 🍒It's the wildest flush you can get from a bottle... & it's totally kiss-proof!💋#benefit




Full-Time / Fischio finale
#CrotoneMilan 0-3
6' @kessiefranck
18' @patrickcutrone63
23' @suso


Cut her off act like she dead and it's killing her🤷🏾‍♂️ #1942flows


👑 @kingjames' TOP 5 PLAYS from the 2016-17 season for the @cavs!


What city are you from? These are the cities with the most Smoothie followers according to Instagram:
5. MOSCOW 🇷🇺
3. LONDON 🇬🇧
2. NEW YORK 🇺🇸


Happy birthday Scammer 💛 @mendezc


From @beingakittenfostermomrules: "Persia was cleared per the doc of ringworm🐛, so guess who got to come with me ❤😻❤ This sweet baby will have her right eye removed next week and spayed. After recovery, she will be available for adoption." #catsofinstagram


Sunday feels


The dreaded Space Squirrels have brainwashed another pup!! Have they no mercy!? #SpaceSquirrels #BarkBoxDay (sound on🔊)
Your Space Squirrels uploads are out of this worl-- NO that's too easy I will spare you that! Your uploads are amazing and we love seeing them. Keep posting all month for a chance at features, and click the link in our bio to get your dog a box! ☄️🐶


"My mother was a tiger and my father was a really brave dog."


Head to #ParliamentSquare tomorrow for the last midday strike of #BigBen for quite a while. The famous bell is to be rested for 4 years whilst restoration works take place, only to be rung again on very special occasions. We'll be sad not to hear Ben ringing out across the city! 😱😭 || 📸 @daveburt || #thisislondon #londonreviewed


Master ink metallic liner in 'solar gold'. 😍✨ Make sure you shake this product before any use for the best color pay off! #mnyliner


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Los domingos provoca Pasta, no importa la hora.🔥 Les comparto mi receta de Calamari Fra Diavolo. Háganla y usen el HT #SoyCocinero. 💪

500 gr. de Tallarines (o Pasta de tu preferencia)
3 cdas. de Aceite de Oliva
1 Cebolla picada
4 dientes de Ajo picados
1 lata de Tomates pelados enteros (800 gr.)
½ taza de caldo de Pescado (125 ml)
½ taza de Vino tinto (125 ml)
3 cucharadas de Orégano fresco picado
½ cdta. de hojuelas de Pimentón rojo
2 kg. de Calamares limpios cortados en anillos de ½ pulgada
⅓ de taza de Perejil fresco picado (15 gr.)
Sal y Pimienta al gusto

- Cocina la Pasta según las instrucciones del paquete.
-En una olla a fuego medio, calienta el Aceite de oliva.
-Añade la Cebolla y sofríe hasta que esté tierna y dorada.
-Incorpora el Ajo y saltea durante 30 segundos.
-Agrega los Tomates con sus jugos, y rómpelos poco a poco con el dorso de una cuchara.
-Añade el Caldo, el Vino, Orégano y las hojuelas de Pimentón rojo.
-Reduce el fuego a medio-bajo y cocina sin tapa hasta que la Salsa se espese ligeramente y los sabores se hayan mezclado, aproximadamente de 15 a 20 minutos.
-Agrega el Calamar, cubre con una tapa y baja el fuego hasta que esté muy tierno, por unos 25 a 30 minutos.
-Al final, agrega el Perejil y sazona con Sal y Pimienta.
Para servir:
-Coloca la Pasta en los platos.
-Vierte la Salsa en ella y disfruta.
-Opcional: espolvorea con más Perejil o Pimienta Negra.





Photo by @peachystudy
As a student, Emma (@peachystudy) wasn’t satisfied with her school-issued planner, so she turned to patterned tape, brush lettering and collage materials to up her homework game. “I really got inspired by the study community itself before I was a part of it. I would think, ‘This is so cool, maybe this is a niche I can fit into.’”
Emma, who’s 17 years old and studying French, English and classical civilization at A Level in the UK, says that her journals, like her homework, are a constant work in progress. “Often when I do my pages, I’ll just start drawing things and counting all the squares to make sure it lines up. I don’t feel the need to rip out pages if there’s a tiny mistake — they all add to the overall spirit of the journal.” 📓
Watch our Instagram story now to take a peek inside Emma’s notebooks.


The #HondaPilot is enjoying some R & R in the mountains with @sunmaaane.


Mask off 💫🎭


ATL you were so good to me last night and I LOVE YOU!! Thanks to everyone who came out to Amora Lounge 🔥🔥🔥a night I'll never forget!! XOXO


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