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It's @katjaglieson's 21st birthday!!!!! She didn't want me to tell anyone it was today... but... you know... whoops😈😈😈! Sorry I'm not sorry. The world must know it's time to celebrate the birth of a humble princess👑🙏🏼Everyone wish her the best tequila filled bday ever! We shall celebrate once I'm home from Bali baby!!!


Where in the world is @BHarper3407?



Tonight in Houston! Let's get it! @jharden13


Prayers up & sweet dreams 🙏🏽❤️🙏🏽



From @okfosterkitties: "🐱or 🐻 or 🐢? (I'm so sorry for the background noise in this video! I'm so sleepy and totally forgot to mute it 😩)" #catsofinstagram




(Swipe left) Cocktails and hors d’oeuvres to celebrate our studio’s 8th anniversary and all our hardworking Hammers! Check out the blog, link in bio. #SHGviews


There's something special about a Mercedes-AMG C 63 S Coupé when the light hits it just right, don't you think? Thanks for the great photo AMG Addict @JPBenz!

#AMGAddict #C63 #MercedesAMG #Mercedes #AMG #AMG🔥 #DrivingPerformance #Passion #Luxury #CarsofInstagram #InstaCar #Lifestyle [Fuel consumption combined: 8.9-8.6 l/100km | CO2 emissions: 209-200 g/km]


The @mintswimusa party tour officially begins tonight in LA !!! (Swipe for other city details)


That's it... this pupper's past the point of no return. ⠀
Archie @babyarchieadventures is #DestroyerOfTheWeek! Tag your ripper snapper #DestroyersClub with evidence of their destruction for a chance to be featured!


Congratulations Detroit and San Fran -- you did it!!
So proud of these ladies, and ALL @kodewithklossy graduates this summer! This marks our 9th camp in 2017 - and there's more to come! So grateful to everyone, especially our teachers for bringing the magic ✨ A million thank yous to @WeWork for providing good vibes, great views and an exhilarating space to learn. To our guest speakers- you've inspired our students to dream big and work hard - thank you from the bottom of my heart, and the summers not over yet! ❤


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Good morning!!✨🐶✨おはまる〜*\(^o^)/* 赤い首輪だとちょっと子供っぽく見えるかな❓


I don't always coffin down the street, but when I do, I prefer racing my son in a [borrowed] $7000 suit
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Aprovechando el #SandwichMonth les comparto mi receta de Sandwich con Waffles, Pollo y Queso💪🔥 Ingredientes:
Rebanadas de Queso Cheddar al gusto
Tocineta al gusto

2 Huevos
2 tazas de Harina de Trigo Todo Uso
1 cda. de Esencia de Vainilla
1 cda. de Polvo de Hornear
2 cdas. de Azúcar
¼ cdta. de Sal
½ taza de Mantequilla derretida
1 ¾ tazas de Leche líquida a temperatura ambiente

4-6 Pechugas de Pollo sin piel.
1 cucharadita de Sal.
El jugo de 1 Limón.
½ cucharadita de Pimienta Negra recién molida.
1 cucharada de Paprika.
1 toque de Comino (opcional).
½ cucharadita de Pimienta de Cayena o Salsa de Pimienta.
1 cucharadita de Ajo en polvo.
Pan rallado

-En un bowl, añade los ingredientes líquidos y mezcla bien. Reserva.
-Aparte, mezcla la Harina, el Polvo de Hornear, el Azúcar y la Sal.
-Integra bien y añade la mezcla de los ingredientes líquidos.
-Enciende la Wafflera y deja que caliente. Vierte un poco de Mantequilla para evitar que los Waffles se peguen y vierte la mezcla.
-Cubre toda la superficie y cierra.
-Cocina durante 3 minutos aproximadamente. Si los deseas mas tostados, deja durante más tiempo.
-Retira de la Wafflera y reserva.

-Sazona las Pechugas con todos los ingredientes, y frota bien. Deja marinar por lo menos 1 hora.
-Pásalas por Pan rallado y reserva.
-Calienta el Aceite en una sartén a fuego medio alto.
-Agrega las Pechugas en una sola capa en la sartén. Cocina hasta que estén de dorado a marrón oscuro.
-Voltea y continua la cocción hasta que el Pollo esté totalmente cocido por dentro.
-Saca del sartén y deja reposar durante 5 minutos antes de servir.

Para el armado:
-Coloca una pieza de Waffle y luego de Pechuga, seguidamente agrega rebanadas de Queso Cheddar. Repite el proceso cuantas veces desees hasta armar una torre. -Decora con Miel o el Sirope de tu preferencia.

Cuando lo preparen me etiquetan usando el HT #SoyCocinero.


I need one of these. Mine is too big. 😀


Tag your friends so they unlock their phone to see this mullet. 👀
🚲: @terryadamsbmx
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It takes dedication #culture


I need you to invest in my new TV show, #Sheetcaking With The Stars. Bannon, Spicey and the Mooch have already signed. #LetThemEatSheet #cake


“When ur girl puts u in the doghouse but u don’t really mind” -Doug

Thanks to my homies at @1767designs for making me a doghouse worthy for the King of Pop Culture!


The iPhone realness when the sun hits you mid-pose 🌼☀️


Bandit, Bullmastiff/Husky/Shepherd mix (1 y/o), Boul St-Laurent & Boulevard René Lévesque, Montreal, QC, CAN • "When it's nighttime and I'm sleeping outside and people approach, he'll let me know. He's my protector and my best friend. I've had him since he was two months old. He's 87 pounds – it's hard to imagine him when he fit into a school bag."


Headlining Hot 100 Fest tomorrow @billboard 🤘🏾


i feel like it's finally time to open up about my panic attacks. link in bio.


This city though! 😱🔥❤️ || 📸 @6stops || #thisislondon


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