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How is anyone supposed to get a hit when George Springer’s out there?


When Erin Joy Seibert (@erinjoyseibert) called this small New England town home a few years ago, she never took a picture of this colorful site. “I took the rainbow wall for granted,” she says. “This seemed like the perfect occasion to revisit the spot.” #WHP🌈
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Take Something Bad. Make Something Great.

The Women's @adidas x Parley for the Oceans Ultra Boost X arrives in stores and online tomorrow.



"It's pool pawty time" - @bbflabradors


#ElAmanteRemix escúchala en mi canal de Youtube link en la bio #Fenix @ozunapr @badbunnypr


Visiting my old apartment❤️💖💞


"Yea, I'm over here taking selfies..." 😀😂 - @russwest44 #KiaMVP #NBAAwards


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Moood af


From @marozzang82: "우리 뚱마옹이 꿈에서 자전거타다 넘어진듯." #catsofinstagram


Guess who couldn't get enough Cloudbreak? @julian_wilson, for one. Here's yesterday. @tavaruaislandresort | 📷: @fijichili





In my Foundation, we have 2 parts: The one that you know, The Sanctuary, where we give a home full of Love to Angels rescued from sad circumstances; We cure them, we Love them and we provide everything needed for a life in semi-captivity. Contrary to almost every "Sanctuary" out there, which in essence are nothing but maximum security prisons for Animals, at BJWT, we actually care about Animals and have them living happily in Prides, knowing perfectly well that our kids won't be able to be taken into the wild for many reasons (Unless a miracle occurs), like genetic issues, habitat destruction, and an over all factor of Animal cruelty all around the Planet. One of my best decisions has been to use Social media to educate people around the world. That's why I can say, without a shadow of a doubt, that the amount of positive awareness that we have created worldwide has never happened in the Animal history before. Our videos and pictures are watched more than 300 million times every single week. Impressive ehh?
The second part of the Foundation, unknown to almost all of you on purpose, is our scientific part: The conservation of some of the most endangered species on the Planet, that we have accomplished together with the Mexican Government and that very soon you will know about. Have you ever wondered what happened to all our Margays like Buttercup, Choubie, Nena, Iñigo, Goliath, etcétera? You'll find out super soon :) One of the most Magical parts of our Mission will soon be revealed. You haven't seen anything yet :)
It's all for Love..
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MY NEW MOSCHINO CAMPAIGN FEATURING @hiandramartinez SHOT BY STEVEN MEISEL WITH HAIR & MAKE UP BY @guidopalau & @patmcgrathreal STYLED BY MY LOVE @carlynecerfdedudzeele #cerfstyle #Moschino #StevenMeisel @itsjeremyscott #hiandramartinez @pg_dmcasting @samuel_ellis


tartelettes! We’re giving 5 of you a chance to win a limited-edition tarte vault packed with our Amazonian clay faves!!! To enter, tag 4 besties in the comment section below before 11:59pm EST today!🌿 Winners will be chosen at random and announced here tomorrow! Good luck!
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Happy Birthday to my beautiful big sis. We decided to do a fun discount day on in celebration of @khloekardashian! Enjoy xoxo


The best mascara to fan lashes out and lengthen them, babellines love it. Leave the 💕 emoji if #lashsensational is your favorite mascara!


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This is @phoebetheweeenie learning how to skate!


@nikkietutorials killing the glam game as usual!🔥 She keeps her #benefitbrows on point with #preciselymybrowpencil & #kaBROW!
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cowboy fun


La merienda se resuelve con Galletas de Chispas de Chocolate hoy mismo🔥

Para que pueda ver qué tal les fue, me etiquetan y utilizan #SoyCocinero 💪

500 gr. de Harina de Trigo Leudante
1 cucharadita de Polvo para Hornear o Levadura (si es el caso y utilizan Harina de Trigo Todo Uso, dejar reposar unos minutos en el refrigerador al terminar la mezcla y luego preparar las Galletas)
1 cucharadita de Bicarbonato
170 gr. de Mantequilla
225 gr. de Azúcar
250 gr. de Azúcar Morena
2 Huevos
1 cucharada sopera de Extracto de Vainilla
380 gr. de Chips de Chocolate con Leche

-Comenzamos precalentando el horno a 175ºC.
-En un recipiente amplio, mezclamos la Harina, la Levadura y el Bicarbonato. Reservamos.
-Empezamos a batir la Mantequilla junto con el Azúcar y el Azúcar Morena durante unos segundos, lo justo para que ambos ingredientes queden incorporados.
-Añadimos los Huevos y el Extracto de Vainilla.
-Incorporamos la Harina y batimos diez segundos. A continuación pasamos a trabajar la masa con las manos, para evitar batir demasiado.
-Por último añadimos los Chips de Chocolate, también ayudándonos con las manos.
-Sobre una bandeja de horno cubierta con papel antiadherente, colocamos bolas de tamaño ligeramente menor al de una pelota de golf. No hay que aplastar las pelotitas, las metemos al horno tal cual.
-Horneamos durante 10-12 minutos o hasta que veamos que el borde inferior empieza a dorarse.
-Si tocamos las Galletas, veremos que estarán muy blandas y mucha gente piensa que no están hechas y las hornean más. Las Galletas siempre están blandas al sacarlas del horno, parecen crudas, y es al enfriarse cuando se endurecen, por lo que la manera de comprobar si están o no hechas es por el color.
-Al sacarlas del horno, las dejamos reposar sobre la propia bandeja hasta que hayan endurecido y podamos moverlas a una rejilla, donde las dejaremos hasta que hayan enfriado por completo.


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When he treats you like a princess @princefoxmusic #justcall


Okay, Kurta #awalashaarixjakel dan sampin from @jakeltextile #schawal


It's a rip the skin right off your hand kind of high five day.


Shadow & Rogue, Labrador Retriever mixes (3 y/o), Rosie's Dog Beach, Long Beach, CA • "Shadow is super intelligent but someone f*cked with her – she's super shy. They're rescues from the same litter and they feed off each other's nervous energy. The outfits are good because people want to approach them more."


From battling "REED" to rapping wit "ROSS" to bagging famous chicks at the awards #WINS&LOSSES