Jon Cozart

My frickin middle school dreams came TRUUU I'm in a SMOSH VID!! 😭😭💀 Go check out the f*ckboi song on the Smosh channel if you're interested in seeing me look oddly attractive dressed as a 14 year old douche bag.





Gostoso socorro

senura de silva

I posted ur song and I love it

Lizi Sky

my 2 loves unite 😭 i'm gonna faint 🤣

Ally H

the guy on the left looks like matthew Espinosaaaa

michelle 🥀

if he's "14" I'm "14"

Ty Evan

Pfft. I was excited Smosh had you too. You are amazing! And song was great.


Turn a good girl bad for a night Jon you're the best👌🏻😂