Kevin Richardson LionWhisperer

The king surveying his kingdom. Can't imagine a world without the African lion. It's a very real possibility in my lifetime should drastic behavioral changes not be made in the way we view and consume wildlife. #needtoreconnect #reconnectwithnature #reconnectwithwildlife #worthmorealive #savelions #savehabitat




Amelie Spenard

Beautiful ❤️❤️


Een mooi uit ziet wauw


een grote jongen


This is going to sound so silly but lions have a huge part in my life. Growing we watched lion king basically everyday I know the lyrics in French English and trying to learn it in Spanish hahaha😝. But I seriously fell in love with the Jungle at the age of 5. And there's no jungle without a lion and so we as humans should stop being so selfish with the world. When GOD created this world we were all suppose to live in harmony every specie and Kevin having these bonds with these animals show just that. (No am not saying that we all go to wilderness and try petting or sleeping next to bears and tigers🙄). Am saying that we don't have to poach rhinos or hunt lions. We should preserve what nature is. I don't want to let my children live in a world where they have to look at pictures and videos to see what majestic animal lived in the past just because we wanted to be selfish. And am tired of everyone (worldwide media) covering these issues when there's only hundreds or so of the species left instead of NOW when we still have a chance or restoring some sort of balance.


Do they get a chance to hunt for their food?