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Lazy Sundayz 😴
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Boycottcircus is organizing a monthly raffle where this month's prize is one of my vests, including bite marks. The Foundation is growing a lot, and your donations help feed, care, and provide habitats for our rescued Angels.
Raffle Tickets sold at: I put the active link in my bio.
Boycottcircus está organizando una rifa mensual, y este mes, el premio es uno de mis chalecos. Pueden comprar los boletos que deseen y el ganador va a ser anunciado en Facebook Live el 27 de Mayo a las 6PM hora Este. Pueden comprar sus boletos en Puse el link activo en nuestro bio. Muchas gracias por ayudar, prometo ponerle algunas mordidas al chaleco :)
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‪From @whiskersnpurrs: "I tested a theory today and here's my conclusion: birthday joy increases exponentionally when you add in 7 kittens 😍 #kittensmakeeverythingbetter‬
‪FYI - I feed them. I promise. They put on a good show for you guys but it's all an act. Honest #dramaqueens" #catsofinstagram ‬


Soaking in the sun ☀️
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#repost @jacksonjunior.pug When u just can't get comfy 😳😂💜


🐱🐱 .

すずめが びっくり したものの正体は…(,,꒪꒫꒪,,) .





Keep your eyes and ears open, boys. 😼


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Congrats, @billykemper, for winning Ride of the Year. Time to celebrate. Full story on Surfline soon. 📷: @patnolan_


Waking up like this 🥔✨


My Instagram is @ImogenTheKitten

I foster kittens because it saves their lives. Underage kittens need somewhere to go until they are eight weeks old and I am happy to be able to care for them. Watching kittens thrive while in foster care is a joy. They change so much, both physically and developmentally, and it is fascinating to watch them grow.

Fostering is generally very easy and everything you need is supplied. Kittens really only need a small space and a bit of love and care. Fostering gives me a sense of purpose and there is nothing better than coming home from work and getting to play with kittens for an hour or two.
When my foster kittens are adopted, I get very emotional, but it’s a sense of pride for everything they’ve accomplished rather than a feeling of sadness. While I love every kitten I foster — and basically every kitten I’ve ever met — I don’t get too attached to them and will never keep one of my fosters because I know there will always be more kittens who need me and I want to be there to save them.
Fostering is a huge privilege and it’s extremely rewarding. It doesn’t require a huge expense or time commitment, so if you are an animal lover, I strongly encourage you to foster and help save kittens’ lives. || #COIFosterStories


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Estamos capotados 😴😴 Até amanhã!!!


Ok, I guess technically it's a party in your mouth.


Just me 🤗


"‪When ur cuddling and ur parents walk in" -Doug


Tale, Ibizan Hound, LIC Dog Park, Long Island City, NY • "She was born during a solar eclipse and was actually born dead. Ten minutes later she came back to life. Her mother was wire-haired and her father was short haired. She's very mellow, very contemplative. There are only seven Ibizan Hounds in New York City – she's the only female that I know of."


มาซ่อมเสาสัญญาณหน้าบ้าน เอาไว้ติดต่อกับดาวมียอ 😏


After a full day of work.
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King Tzu


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Hong Kong man saves tiny kitten from certain death on busy road, finds it a loving home.❤
رجل يقوم بإنقاذ قطة صغيرة مرمية على شارع مزدحم ، خاطر بنفسه من اجل انقاذ القطة من الموت


I think I’m gonna adopt a doggy.
Tomorrow is National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day! Swipe right on one of the 6 million dogs & cats who need homes @Tinder @FoundAnimals @Adoptnshop @thegracechon #adoptdontshop #sponsored


詩丸とお花は家に来た日も、お誕生日も一緒なんです。全くの偶然ですが、なんだか運命を感じてしまいます…💓☺️ 詳しくはブログにて…✨Instagramでは書ききれない想いを、ブログに綴りました😌💕
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This day 2 years ago, Utamaru came to our house. And today, Ohana has come to our house!
Furthermore, they have the same birthday Feb.26th!!🎂💕 What a coincidence!😳✨

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