Coconut Rice Bear

#Flashback to 3 months old, 22 lbs and a week after my left ear popped up straight. My humans think I grew up way too fast. I think I looked fabulous, right!?! 🙂




There is a WAY~

Omg so cute, I am starting to see a couple of Samoyed as of this month in the park or just down the road! They are so cute but I never go up to ask people where did they get their pup from, as the last time I did that they look at me like I was crazy haha n

Kalon Ludvigson

@jklm8878 I am. Just took a break. 🤤


@kalon_ludvigson aren't yo supposed to be studying?!? 🤔🤔 #finals #drlud #rank1


So cute >_<