vincent j musi

Col. Bruce Hampton passed away last night on his 70th birthday after collapsing on stage during the encore of his own celebration. of course there was the time I found him in my kitchen. #colbrucehampton





This picture used to be hanging in the old Green Heron on sullivans


This picture is absolutely amazing !!! Seems like yesterday. Beautiful photo

Michael Hughes

Col looks like a handsome bulldog - may he RIP.

Lena Bean

Love this shot of the Col. 💞

Rob Hafner

I’m sorry for your loss. But when you think about it... helluva way to go out.. poetic, even. Not everyone gets to be surrounded by people that love and like them, and are there just to celebrate the mere fact that they exist. So, see it as the high note that it is. Just my two cents..

vincent j musi

@jennav5533 Thank you Jenna -