This was funny. I was wondering why my feed was blowing up from women watching #TheBachelorette. Appreciate the bro-luv from all the guys on the cast. Started to think about it... If I wasn't who I was today - not famous and just a guy trying to find that elusive luv on a hugely popular reality TV show. I WOULD BE A TERRIBLE CHOICE if I were on the show as a contestant. I cuss too much, my hands are too calloused and rough, my sense of humor is straight up outhouse rated R, I sing off key, think taking drives in my pick up is sexy and find great pride in being the current reigning, defending, undisputed heavyweight tongue wrestling champion of world. I'm 100% positive I would get kicked off the show's first episode when I ask The Bachlorette, with a cool wink.... You ready for a shot at the tongue wrestling title woman? No rose for DJ and he immediately gets sent home. But he does go home a champion. 🌹





@vazmine you're so cute 😙


Omg I just seen this - u the tongue wrestling champ?? ..😨😍 @therock

Christina Revis

He said tongue wrestling and my brain just flat lined. I can not go on.

Molly Franklin

Why did I just fall in love with the rock??? @jacquecortez lol


I think you would be one of the most eligible contestants with those traits😂 you may be the one, especially with those calloused and rough hands. @therock