Call of Duty

Another #BlackOps3 Community Challenge goal achieved: Nikolai, Dempsey, Takeo, and Richtofen Calling Cards are now free for all players!




Anonymous LW

Where shall I receive these


Dm pls check got a great idea check me pls


Metal gear 3

BLaZe Beauty 💅🏻🎀Queen 👸

Idk I never played those except origins and kino and that one jungle map I don't like😂 where theres like needles that will kill you


@theblazebeauty there's two "jungle" maps ;/

BLaZe Beauty 💅🏻🎀Queen 👸

I got zombie chronicles I love it just not the jungle map !


Bring back transit or die rise or buried I just want to have a map that has misty stulinger marlton and Russman