Queens Knits

Texted my husband and asked for an iced coffee on his way home and as soon as he got in, I took that sweet iced goodness to the fire escape for some me time. #motherhoodinnyc coffee cup cozies are available in my shop, link in bio 👆🏼 and use code Instagram for free shipping!




Queens Knits

@elizabethvermotwick yes!!! And thank you!!


Big fan of the solo coffee break!! #youdeserveitwoman

Raj Basabathini

also... best letter ever! 😜😝😋

Queens Knits

@thebrassowl @singlegirlcookies yessss loving my trifecta 🎁 Mother's Day, 35th birthday next week, 13yr anniversary this June all the celebrations 🎉 📱 🎥

The Brass Owl

Work that 7Plus!