Anthony Padilla

coming to terms with the fact that i'm a grown man and my favorite color might be bubble gum pink. also coming to terms with the fact that i released a new video today and i'm going to ask you to click the link in my bio. shame shame. 📸ari michelson




Alanah Stutzman

Ughhhhhh I love you

C̤̈ä̤s̤̈s̤̈ï̤ë̤ Ä̤🖤

hey you got yummy lookin ooooh

🌸σн ∂αми ith's αℓєzz🌸

No ..your favorite color is purple i like purple 👌🏻💜💜😈 @anthonypadilla

Anthony's da man

what a beauty

Hi 👋🏽

He looks like on this picture your everyday Cuban guy 😂😂😂


Nice looking