Anthony Padilla

plz name this dance move so it can go into a book titled "how to make people laugh at you, not with you"





That make two of us ❤️

Chloe Barnes

In love with you* Jesus I can't type

Chloe Barnes

Tbh I didn't even know who you were until you made that collab with Dan and I'm absolutely in love you. I love your videos and your personality and I want to hit myself with a bat for not looking at your videos sooner. I love your personality and your hair!💕🤷🏽‍♀️😬👀

rachel hensley.

The "I may have just farted, but I loved it"

Darcie (Daniela) A. Hingula

The girl on the side tho...

Aidan (or) scott palmer

The "I have no friends and im dying inside pee pee danced"