Anthony Padilla

it breaks my heart but today i am no longer a part of smosh. please click the link in my bio to see my full explanation of why i left. thank you so much for all your support over all these years, and i hope you'll continue to support me in this new chapter of my life.






Rachel A.

I miss the old Smosh. When it was just Ian, Anthony, Ian's Mom, Teleporting Fat Guy and Stevie


No why😩😩😩


This made me sad because you guys together were the gods of comedy and you were so awesome but good luck 👍😥❤️💪


I've been watching smosh for a long time now when I saw the Anthony is leaving smosh video I cried like for an hour.but I'm exited to see what Anthony does next I know this comment is late but still I support you dream is that I will meet you Anthony and lan that's my #1 dream good luck Anthony and lan


Anthony left smosh sad on everyone