Anthony Padilla

it breaks my heart but today i am no longer a part of smosh. please click the link in my bio to see my full explanation of why i left. thank you so much for all your support over all these years, and i hope you'll continue to support me in this new chapter of my life.




Eri ♡

He looks stoned @enochianparadise

Black DBZ

Please come back to Smosh :-(


Anthony why did you do this to me I've been watching you guys from the start of smosh and now you do this leave smosh you killed food battle it was my favorite thing in every year I would look forward to but now smosh Is no longer the same old smosh to me I've been deeply hurt

Ewan Collinson

I'm sad but understand your decision


Sad but I understand why

a joker in a poker game

Like if ya cri everytiem