Pumpkin The Raccoon

🎃"Hey Toffee! If we follow this map it will lead us to the source of a lifetime supply of avocados!" 🐶"Yea the source is mama." 🥑🌴❤️




lakeesha _pringle

mom's bye the food cause dad's make the money 💰 .......,............... sometimes

Sandra Farran

Y este se da un vida de Rey, que lindo😍😍😘😘

Heather Jenkins

Avocado 🥑 huh?? Avocado wasn't popular when Dickie was around but I'm sure he'd have adored it. I wanna hug 🤗 pumpkin so bad. Lol. She's a beauty qween


@alibabaghanoush i'm so jealous of this raccoon