The Many Cats Of Instagram

"Meet Wesker, the newest member of the @Ash_and_SpecialAgentJackMeower family! He's 4 years old, super friendly and loves to give headbutts and kisses! He was surrendered to PALS, a local No Kill Cat Shelter with an eye injury that his previous owners claimed to have happened when he was kitten and was causing him no problems. The shelter staff took him to their vet where it was determined his eye injury was actually recent, he couldn't see from it and it was causing him pain, so it was decided the best thing for him was to remove it. Have no worries, it doesn't hold him back! One look at his handsome face and the humans were smitten! He is adjusting to his furever family perfectly and we're so happy to be part of the House Panther crew again! 💛🐾" - @Ash_and_SpecialAgentJackMeower




Samantha Brammer

Glad to hear that he has a fur ever home the previous owner should be put in jail and pay for abusing him

Abel Delgado

Tengo que buscartelo mi amor @ajbb_

Angela Holt