Breaking News: this is rare footage of me jumping into summer without a single work out. Just pizza, churros, mistakes, unread texts and regrets




💎Sveta 💎


Nia 017

Jajajajajajajajajajajaja no way bro @hectorfernasal @mairaespinola017

Cameron Shutack

@kyle11berry brilliant. time to move

Héctor Fernández

@estefaniaconcepcion @mairaespinola017 👀👀 yo el pequeñito y ustedes el más grande, que dicen? Piénsenlo 😉

Kyle Berry

If we lived near the sea we could hire a lab to act as a boat to dognap your aunt's yorks just like this video @cameron_shu

Kyle Berry

*Exhales all stress* @cameron_shu

Cameron Shutack

Just something to take the edge off @kyle11berry