Call of Duty

#IWAbsolution is here. Dominate on four new MP maps and wipe out '50s zombies in the newest chapter of the #IWZombies saga, now live on PS4.





More advanced warfare u can not do


lol I haven't even played this and they are coming out with dlc


The game is so unorganized and the game needs to be more smooth than so choppy


@leeroy_jenkins1945 I hate IW how too many weapons are op the game seems too unbalanced and unorganized


@vahidnili9170 no they won't because IW is a garbage cod with 100s of weapon varieties that people hate not to mention the game is unorganized and unbalanced

Eddy Morales

But who knows....

Eddy Morales

And the reveal has more dislikes and likes