I told Statham while we were shooting F8, "Brother if I ever give you a toothbrush for a gift, you'll know what's coming"....We're cooking up some big/cool things for Hobbs and this franchise. I'll keep you posted. #HeresYourToothbrush 🤙🏾




Amit Chakraborty

@therock I would love to see Hobbs and Shaw getting on with their mean and friendly banter and kicking some serious ass in a spin-off! What say bro?!


If you smellllllllllll the rock is cooking!!!!

too much stuff

My god so awesome


Hiiii i from iran🇮🇷 i love youuuu😍😍😍💜💜💜

Tuttie Cannon

Esa sonrisa - me enamora 😥😍😍😍😍

Carolina Pontes

Lindo. 😍