Homework hurts my brain. For our movie #Skyscraper our art department created this stunning architectural design book that informs the look and tone of our film. For consulting our script we spoke to world renowned architect, Adrian Smith who designed the world's current tallest structures -- Burj Khalifa in Dubai and the building that will surpass it, the Jeddah Tower in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Fascinating to study this stuff.. how skyscrapers will continue to get taller, how that affects the neighborhood and ecosystem, how wind affects the architecture, wireless elevators etc. In short think DIE HARD meets TOWERING INFERNO in the world's tallest skyscraper... in CHINA. I'm just mad because those bastards in the art department didn't make this a pop up book. #Homework #Skyscraper #Vancouver #China





دست ما رو هم بیگیر داداش.....😢مایه داریه دیگه!!هواپیمای خصوصی و...هی هی...میشه یه کم پول به من قرض بدی تا بتونم یه خونه بخرم و از مستاُجری در بیاییم؟؟!فکر نکنم شما پولدارها اصلا صدای فقرا رو نمیشنوید!!🙁ولی فیلمات و تکی توکی دیدم باحال بودن...بعدشم چقدر پیر شدی دادا!!میبینی این غافله ی عمر عجب میگذرد!!به فکر ما هم باش..قربونت..بای.😔


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I would be very glad if I get the chance to star in on of your movies





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