Jon Cozart

I'd like to introduce you to Pacific. He had a special way of ascending and descending the Montana countryside that I won't soon forget. One could say I rode Pacific, yes. But in many ways, Pacific rode me. 📷: @mirlebron13

Big Sky of Montana




@j3nnab0lt ridding my pony 😉 my saddles waiting cum and jump on it


*tries not to think inappropriate

Ahmed Tahta Tahta

Life in solitude is much better than living between unfulfilled promises and false love .

valerie lambert

I LOVE horseback riding but i don't get to do it as often as i'd like! You're so lucky!! Also one of my BIGGEST WISHES right now is to meet you!!! You're AMAZING!!!!!!💜💜

Cagney R. (Heimerl)

Montana! So close to where I live! It would have been cool to see you, I hope to meet you someday!