We literally just hit 10k followers on this thing. It might as well be a million to us, because when we started this, we never could have imagined this many people supporting our business. The places this has taken us, the people we have met and the stories we've heard, all because of some backpacks, is unmatched. It's pretty rad to be involved in a company you feel passion for, but really, it's more about connecting with people through adventure, and that to us, has been priceless. So to everyone who has bought a pack from us, put a sticker on their water bottle, visited our website or shared a beer with us, THANK YOU! We know 10k isn't much, but for a small company, it's everything. Photo of one our first (and still most badass) ambassadors @zach_husted





Dreamy Beauty💛💫❤️

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Hell yes!!! So stoked to be apart of your journey! 🙌🏻

Beau Riebe

Sweeeeeeet! Congrats guys!

Zach Husted

You guys are legends and couldn't be more pleased to be part of such a amazing company! ✊🏽Congratulations on reaching such a wide audience and making amazing packs that take allow people to travel the world with just a glorified sack on their back !! Cheers


Congrats guys!!! We're going on a camping trip next month. Can't wait to snag some sick shots of our packs