Here I'm counting the reasons my partner in chaos, the Oscar nominated @naomieharris was a dream to work with on our final day of #Rampage. Her performance in our movie was fantastic and I'm a lucky man to share the screen with such a classy, high quality (and bad ass) woman. That's an official wrap on the production of #Rampage. Thank you Naomie for your commitment and trust in me and our project. Luv ya sistah and next time I'll have an explanation on why I have an Amtrak train of a vein running thru my horse neck. #OfficialWrap #Rampage #TheOneAndOnly #NaomieHarris





I very fans with u,please 😢

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Love and Light to you 😇


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Bro...West Papuan lives are Pacific lives...they matter too...500,000 killed since 1969 and counting...been fighting this for 16 years...Need more voices...yours is a huge voice in this world..it would be heard...

Blessed Wealth

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