My friend Roll. Watched the latest cut of #Jumanji with our director Jake Kasdan and my @sevenbucksprod's team. Very happy with how it's coming along...kinda magical. Proud of Jake for the movie he's created and also looking like he just robbed a bank. #Jumanji THIS CHRISTMAS 🎅🏾




Jabona Steve Moha

U smile just like my bro

Gabriel Danar A


Ana Greyce Pantoja

I love you ❤❤

Luis Fernando Montesinos Gil

Last thing 💚 with the tribes permition and all pure ancestor's we curse you're tattoos until u learn not to steal from a mans soul kid and his dreams u pice of shitt

Ugur Tasan

Friday have to have a night

Ugur Tasan


Ugur Tasan