Big team strategies always get my juices going. 💥 Excellent global marketing kickoff with our Sony partners for JUMANJI. Respect and luv I have for this property is boundless. The trailer is a small taste of what's to come and everyone in this room and at Sony is inspired to deliver some magic to you and your families around the world this Christmas. Teamwork = success. And as always, I'm just looking for the waffle truck. #SevenBucksProds #SevenBucksDigital #TeamSony #Jumanji CHRISTMAS 🎄🎅🏾




🎬Angela Walters Actress 🎬

have a vey blessed day 😇

Riley Anderson

That's my aunt in the front!

- K I N G -

Not a single black or Latino person in there .

Kevin kim

New car if u can find a blk person. Dam I didn't even read the other comments smh gotta start next time