This one got the blood boiling. At the Civil and Human Rights Center they created an interactive experience of what it was like sitting at the "Whites only" lunch counter at Woolworth's during the famous "Greensboro sit-ins" during the Civil Rights Movement. Wearing these headphones gives you a extremely small taste of what would be said to your face, while being kicked, spit on etc had I sat at this counter in 1960. For these four brave, strong willed students to sit thru this with poise, dignity and pride.. to remain non-violent.. keeping the bigger picture in mind.. ending racial segregation..is incredible. Inspiring. Not sure if I would've had the poise and grace to sit thru this non-violently. I'd like to think I would've, had that been the collective goal, but my blood boiling and sweat starting to bead up on the back of my head said otherwise. I'm forever grateful to the heroes that did though. Grateful to learn so much more about our past and my culture. Helps us shape the future. #CivilAndHumanRightsCenter #Atlanta




Justine Kores

Shaping being the key word. I so wish that wasnt the case. We should all recognize Racsim ...and stop it dead in its tracks!!! No tolerance.....!!!!

imtiyaz nadaf

Super sir