Our company's building out nicely. Welcome to our @sevenbucksprod executive team - new VP of Television Development, Chelsea Friedland (@yelsea). Hungry, smart, bad ass and ready to do big things. Great to have you with us. Let's get to work. #SevenBucksProds




Yasaman Jozdani

Congrats @therock let's talk soon!

🎬Angela Walters Actress 🎬

Because your interesting, have a blessed day. x

Stephanie Escobedo

Also, congrats to the company for gaining such a amazing person!

Stephanie Escobedo

Congrats to her 🍾❤️ let the tequila shots commence 😎😎

Bryan Vazquez

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Hi lovely


@dana____117 طيب والي اشتاق لك شيسوي