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Mama and Daddy playin catch w Nemo! ❤️💙💜💛💚 Life is beautiful! @billyraycyrus @tishcyrus !!!! Never grow up!!!!!


Un antojo de sábado: Cheesecake Japonés, aquí les dejo mi receta🔥🔥 Ingredientes:
4 huevos
1 taza de Media Crema, Crema Ácida o Crema de Leche (250 ml)
½ taza de Azúcar
1 barra de Queso crema a temperatura ambiente (190 gr.)
1 cdta. de Esencia de Vainilla
½ Barra de Mantequilla a temperatura ambiente (45 gr.) 4 cdas. de Harina de Trigo
2 cdas. de Maicena o Fécula de Maíz
Azúcar Glass Preparación:
-Precalienta el horno a 180°C (356°F)
-Coloca dentro de un refractario grande de vidrio o aluminio, otro molde redondo que utilizarás para la Torta.
-Agrega Agua caliente hasta llenar la mitad, como en baño María y lleva al horno encendido. Déjalo ahí mientras continúas con la preparación.
-Añade el Queso Crema a un bowl y bate a velocidad media con ayuda de la batidora.
-Incorpora la Mantequilla y sigue mezclando.
-Mezcla con la Crema, sigue batiendo, y reserva.
-El siguiente paso es separar las claras de las yemas.
-Agrega las yemas que separaste, la Esencia de Vainilla, la Harina y Maicena (pasándolas por un colador) al bowl con la mezcla que habías reservado.
-Mezcla muy bien con la batidora para integrarlo todo y reserva.

Para las Claras:
-Bátelas a velocidad alta y después de 1 minuto agrega poco a poco el Azúcar y sigue batiendo por 2 minutos más, hasta que quede una mezcla brillante, firme y esponjosa
-Añade las claras batidas con movimientos envolventes con una espátula a la mezcla anterior.

Para armar:
-Forra el molde por dentro con papel vegetal o encerado y Mantequilla de manera que al hornear no entre aire a la mezcla
-Vierte con mucho cuidado sobre el molde llévalo al horno dentro del refractario de vidrio, por un lapso de 30 minutos.
-Después de ese tiempo, baja la temperatura a 150°C por una hora más.
-Apaga el horno, abre la puerta un poco y deja el pastel reposando por aproximadamente 15 minutos.
-Asegúrate de que la Torta esté dorada por encima.
-Deja enfriar a temperatura ambiente o en la nevera. Cuando esté totalmente frío, sácalo del molde y ponlo sobre un plato.
-Para terminar, agrega Azúcar Glas por encima, y disfruta de esta delicia esponjosa.

Háganlo y me dicen qué tal usando #SoyCocinero 💪


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Guys: I just created a goFundme campaign that will cover the costs of the Sanctuary for the next 3 months (I will do it quarterly). If 1 percent of our followers donated 1.5 Dollars per month, I would be able to do real Magic, but this, unfortunately, is not the case. The active link is on our bio, but I will write it here also. Thank you from the bottom of my Heart…

Hola, acabo de crear una campaña en goFundme que nos ayudara a cubrir los gastos del Santuario por los siguientes 3 meses (La pienso hacer cada trimestre). Si el 1 por ciento de nuestros seguidores donaran 1.5 Dolares al mes, podria hacer verdadera Magia, pero desgraciadamente este no es el caso. El link activo esta en nuestro bio pero lo escribo acá también. Gracias de todo Corazon…


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From @catpusic: "Cat likes HUGS” #catsofinstagram


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Have board, will travel.


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@celtics All-Star & Tacoma native @isaiahthomas courtside with his boys at the #WNBAAllStar Game! #LeanInTogether 🎟


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The beautiful #RoyalExchange by @steven.maddison 😍🇬🇧❤️ || #thisislondon


Mission accomplished! That's an OFFICIAL WRAP on our movie #Rampage.
To my director @peytonology, our producers, our incredibly hard working crew, all departments and every individual who punched the clock.
From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU for your talent and dedication to making a great movie.
And thank you for rollin' up your sleeves with me daily to put in the hard work. It's my pleasure to help lead such a great team.
And as the ol' saying goes, if the good Lord's willin' and the creek don't rise... I'll see you all down the road. ~ DJ
#ThatsAWrap #Rampage 4-20-2018


Another favorite from #nationalhammockday | 📸 @tuckerleo_da_huskies #dogsofinstagram



The only thing better than a surf trip is a free surf trip. And you could win one to @lasfloresresort, El Salvador — along with a new @degree33surfboards longboard — by going to Surfline right now.


Wins and losses.


It’s been an exciting year for Sejahari Saulter-Villegas (@amaru_ler). The 18-year-old, who travels to NYU this fall to study dramatic writing, was recognized by Chicago’s young playwrights competition, and made his Broadway performance debut after winning a separate competition. “I was born into this community of arts and activism,” says Sejahari. “I started at Kuumba Lynx, which is a hip-hop arts and education program housed in the Uptown area of Chicago. We take elements of rap, poetry, theater, dance, and we put it into a production, so the world of poetry and theater were always intertwined.”
This week, Sejahari joined other young creatives at the International Youth Poetry Slam Festival @bravenewvoices for its 20th annual gathering. “People think that poetry is this café, after-midnight thing, when the culture that it’s become is a place for youth to speak their truth and express themselves in a way that informs the entire world of what’s going on.” The multi-day festival, which includes workshops, competitions, showcases, community service and civic participation, is an energizing moment for Sejahari. “I love this slam community. I have people in Philly, New York, Twin Cities, Miami — we haven’t seen these people for a whole year, some two years, but we come back and we’re best friends. Social media plays a big part in that because it’s sort of how we constantly stay updated on each other’s lives.”
Check out our story to meet more poets from this year’s @bravenewvoices festival.
Photo by @amaru_ler


Mr. Monster, Goldendoodle (8 m/o), Union Square, New York, NY • "He loves water – if there's a water bowl he'll stick his whole face in and blow bubbles. He'll also follow me into the shower and just sit right under the shower head. Earlier today he smelled like my coconut shampoo because I lathered him up." @mr.monsterpup


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Dream big dreams ...


Did y'all preorder our new book?! 🙃 link is in my bio


The army of the dead is coming for you. #WWIIZombies #CallofDuty #COD #WWII #CODWWII #zombies


I had the pleasure of working with John Heard in #whitechicks he was a great guy. Shared a lot of laughs. Sad to see such a good spirit and actor taken. Thank you for all your contributions to our beloved industry. May you live forever through your vast body of work. #ripjohnheard


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Just waiting for baseball …