Remember just because something's never been done before, doesn't mean you can't do it. It just means, it's never been done... until you do it. If there's no blueprints for what you want to accomplish - great - even better! Blaze your own path and do what others before you have never done. Cynics and critics will always be the loudest. That's just noise.. learn to say fuck that, block it all out and go for it. Be defiant. Be real. Be you.




its your #1 HOST. DEATH!💀

@therock you will alway be the people's campion



carol bell

A great job very well said



maa dodi

ممكن ترجمه لو سمحت نفسي اعرف بتقول ايه بليز نجمى المفضل

Laís Carvalho

Manda um beijo pra mim, eu sou sua fã