We're a little crazy, but it keeps us from going insane. Great set visit on #Rampage with my on-line press buddies. Thanks for spending the day with us and thanks for being cool. Oh and if I didn't get everyone's name right, it's all my director @peytonology's fault. What an asshole that guy is. Thx again and see you guys down the road 🤙🏾 @kaytiburt @TheEricGoldman @mrnym92 @SydneyBucksbaum @racheleigh13 @TheSpencerPerry @binchuation #GregoryWakeman #DavidCrow #BryanCairns




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@peytonology your an awesome director brad 🙏#respect

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Thanks my dear fan , inbox for more updates

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Is the movie rampage based off the video game? Because they sound very alike


All of em?