Happy SN🐽UT Sunday!! Check out Hammy's latest adventures! Hammy's been busy cruising down Venice with her feline friend, soaking up the sun with the swimming pigs in the Bahamas and having snuggle sessions with baby humans & pigs! It's been the BEST!!! @theswimmingpigs @samgebs1 @bo.the.piggy @sunglasscat @aubreyotwell @bryantotwell _________________________________________________ (PLUSH LINK ON BIO) Be sure to #AdventuresOfHammy of your pigtures with your Hammy Plush. Don’t HOG them all to yourself.😜 I'll be sharing your photos on my IG. ThOinks so much for sharing




SUNGLASSCAT/Ok 2Look&Be Difrnt

@hamlet_the_piggy how I missed this I couldn't tell you!! Very happy to have brought my Hammy with me!! 🐷🐽


That cat tho😍😍



Gertrude burns

Busy little piggy Hamlet



Maryelin Dos Neves De Gonzalez

@carelenverdu es idéntica a ti ☺️ te confundí y todo 😘 saludos

Louisa Morrison

@studio54cmm can we go to the Bahamas so I can swim with piggies please??!!!!