Los Angeles Lakers

On to the Summer League Championship Game tomorrow night. #LakersSummer held onto this one, shooting 17-22 from behind the arc. Thomas scored 20, while @kuzmakyle and @slickveez pitched in 24 and 17 of their own. @zo finished with 16 pts, 10 ast, and 4 reb in 21 minutes.

Thomas & Mack Center





Gods son

@italianpizzarosa I love the way Lonzo plays man, I hope he only gets better . He'll b one of my fave players if he does. Yeah Kuzma man, I hope he can carry that over to the league. Im really looking foward to the new season

Evan Horak

Y'all better sign Thomas

Italian Pizza Rosa

@redeemedfromthedead Kuzma surprised me. When they drafted him I looked him up and he was rated in the 40s, a 2nd round pick so he definitely proved he was 1st round material. I've never seen Lonzo play, he didn't get outplayed by any opponent so that's good right ☺️


lol @1ngram4 loooks helllla blownnnnn