@desmith4 puts up 21 points & 6 assists for the @dallasmavs... while @zo contributes 16 points & 10 assists in the @lakers victory! #NBASummer




Lamin Jawneh

@scrilla_andretti hos dad played for the jets practices team.

Kyle Smarslok

That's true. A ton of hype on both of these guys! @chrisvickery_

chris vickery

@kylesmars people haven't talked about a player this much since lebron

chris vickery

@kylesmars lol I could care less about lavar...lonzo is so good that it really doesn't matter what his dad says if anything it's helping so far

Kyle Smarslok

Any chance they put lavar in 2k as a cheerleader lol @chrisvickery_