Tarte Cosmetics

Poolside essentials to keep you looking cool when things get hot! #rethinknatural #athleisure #hustleandglow #rainforestofthesea #tarteunderthesea #tartebucketlist




Giselle Soriano

The spray gave me a reaction on my skin :(((((

Arantza Alvarez

Want it 😍

sophia ✨

Love 😻

margot perez b

Whats the difference of the two mist spray?

Tarte Cosmetics

@addyson.renee It's an elixir that hydrates, soothes and refreshes skin/makeup 💦💦

Zshakira (zsha-ka-rah)

That Rainforest of the Sea is LIIIIIIIFE! 👍👍💋💋💟💟

G & I

In love with your products ❤️ #must have @tartecosmetics