Tarte Cosmetics

It's time to dive into our Friends & Family SALE! We're partyin' it up by the pool with 25% OFF on tarte.com now through 7/20! Stay tuned on IG stories & Snap (👻: tartecosmetics) for a behind the scenes look at our pool party later today!💦☀️Open to international tartelettes too! #tartebucketlist #PARTY




Tarte Cosmetics

@aron_no18 Shoot us an email at social@tarte.com and we can help!


Aw then how come it didn't apply it for me?

Tarte Cosmetics

@aron_no18 Everything is included in the sale except for shape tape 😊


Lol of course none of the products in my wishlist were part of the sale. Why you do this to me @tartecosmetics ? ;(


Sale on 😊 @birstie01

Sarah Kate Barrett

@holly.a.adams @braedenariel oh my goodness now I HAVE to buy that stuff we saw today