Matthew Hahnel

The @drinkevolve road trip now has us in Alaska where we have just returned from Katmai National Park! Seeing the size of the bears was mind blowing. As soon as we got off the float plane we were greeted by two huge brown bears not more than 50 yards from us on the beach. The rangers ushered us quickly out of the way, setting the tone for an epic 2 days. I'll be putting up a mini story with some short clips shortly. In the meantime, check out the link in my bio to see some guides for the the recent National Parks we visited on this trip 🤙🏻

Katmai National Park & Preserve



Laura Wattles

Is it my imagination or is this bear super thin???

Sharas Kveder

Haha that's awesome! Was he just wondering around?

Lonesome Hill

Totally rocks!

Steffen Egly

Oh my god 😮🤘

Jordan Rachel

Dreaming of seeing something like this one day 😊 such a great shot @matthewhahnel 👏👏