Guvna B

Rest in perfect peace Daddy. You're my G ❤ Risked it all by moving over to London to set up shop and give the best possible life to your fam. The hardest worker I know and you did it without complaining. I'm gutted you didn't get to enjoy retirement. You always taught us about the importance of education and working hard so it's mad that you passed away a few days after you found out my lil bro secured the sickest Graduate's job. It's kinda like you knew your work was done 'cos your two boys are gonna do ok. 2 weeks ago everything was fine but life can change so quickly and I've got so many questions to ask God, but ultimately these are the moments where faith really has to get us through. P.S I promise to try my hardest to get into Formula 1 cos I know you'd be so gassed. And promise to look after Mummy too. Love you Pops.




Marwa Ma'an

May he rest in peace, I’m so sorry for loss.. he looks like such a kind and lovely man. He must be so so proud of you. Keep strong, these are the times we need to exercise our faith muscle. 🙏🏽#Godisalwayswithyou


My condolences ❤️


So sorry for your loss Isaac 🙏🏾❤️

Yus Akdeniz

Sorry for ur loss bro..r.i.p


so sorry for your loss bro, he's a great man and by the grace of God he's in heaven he will still like to see you sending the gospel across the world my condolence manlike @guvnab

$PrinceJJ $

Thanks the Lord that your dad help made you who you are today bcause I was at new day 2017 not to long ago and I saw you up there and I thought 'this is who i really wanna be and work for the Lord's. Thank you and your amazing family for bringing God Grace into my life.

Peace Oluwatobi

So sorry to hear about this, losing a father can't be easy I would know but one thing I can say is stay close to family and keep him in your conversations.. it doesn't get easier but you and your family will get stronger and closer by God's grace. Praying for you and the family bro❤️ my condolences.