Russell Wilson

In the Zone. 📸: @DjMogg @West2EastEmpire

Seattle, Washington




Y did u switch from the speed football helmet

John Segura

I am my schools qb

John Segura

They call me Wilson Jr

Jon Mason

I don’t know if you’ll see this, but this a fan appreciation comment. It’s cool to look up to a player like you. I love football and it’s awesome to not hear negative things about you in the news. You’re a great guy, even with a nice contract and that makes you stand out. Keep doing what you do and making the NFL and the world a better place. #GoHawks

Micah Magana

Russ plz look at my account I just got it today and plz

Benny Miller

It called vicis

Murad S. Alamari™

And u played better in that helmet