Hey u... I hope you're having a really great day. I hope u have something to smile about today and if u don't pls take a minute to stop now and smile. Even if u feel sad or angry or what ever it is, if u have a smart phone in your hand and your able to look at everyone around world from it each day, (let alone have a home to live in, someone who loves you, waggily tailed dog, food or clean water) you already are luckier than many many people in the world. So I ask you, stop scrolling, take a big breath in and smile back at me.. U will feel instantly happier I promise. Also, I love u xxxxx Dazzy 💗




FlefferPoop 💕

Philly looks like my pit Cookie 🍪 ❤️

CoCo's Mom

Thanks for the pep up.

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😍Every day I come here to look at you and Philly and it makes my heart happy❤️❤️

Britt Siudym

May sound silly but Dazzy you have helped me many times to stop and smile. I can't be sad or upset when reading about you and your brothers adventures. Thanks for being so adorable!!!!! Maybe one day I can get a shout out from you guys? :) much love.

Evi meuris


rey 🐕💫 🌬

thanks dazzy, I needed this today. 💕

Randall Crowder

@cmillerxtime #YES!