Good morning friends, it's Phillip here. I just want to jump on to express my current dissatisfaction with my Mum and life in general. So right now it Saturday morning at 7:30am. At 5:00 Mum woke us up abruptly (I was having a real good dream that I owned my own ice cream van and could eat the stock whenever I wanted) to tell us we were going for a walk! I was just like 😡😡😡😡 Then, whilst Dad and us were eating breakfast (it wasn't bacon and eggs either it was some hocus pocus healthy cr*p) she put these new sheets on the bed, I tried to jump back on but she PUSHED me off!! And then took us OUT in the COLD and made us run around the frosty grass in the park. I was fummmminngg. Then, if she hadn't been cruel enough already, she took us home and BATHED US!!! 😩😤 As u can see by my face (green towel) I'm LIVERED. (Darren is happy bc he's weird and loves everything) I'm not like Darren and wil just snap out of it when I'm angry noooooo sir ree bob I'm mad enough that I won't talk to her all day after this!! IF she decides she would like to make it up to me she can bring me bacon and eggs in my room. (I write that bc I know she reads these posts) 👀🍳🥓





"I know she reads these posts" haaaaaaa!!!!


@justint___ our future dogs