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#Regram #RG @paulnicklen: The sea around the Antarctic Peninsula is a magical, fragile place; rich with wildlife, like this humpback whale feeding on krill. It is finally time to protect it. This week in Moscow we are representing @natgeo, @sea_legacy and @natgeopristineseas at #Antarctica2020, a meeting of the Ambassadors from the countries representing the Convention for the Conservation of Antarctic Living Resources #CCAMLR to begin the process of creating a network of Marine Protected Areas in Antarctica. Caption by @cristinamittermeier #followme us on @sea_legacy to learn more about the work we are doing to protect Antarctica. #10by2020 | #gratitude #drivingchange #polar | #beauty |#conservation |#wildlifephotography | #whale




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As she breathes in the silence of a planet that needs to be saved from global warming my heart breaks so much Beauty

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Φανταστική φωτογραφία!!!!

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Beautiful post