Leonardo DiCaprio

Grateful for all who came out to the @LeonardoDiCaprioFdn Gala & contributed to our efforts to protect the planet. This past year LDF and its partners made a measurable difference. We helped protect more than 1.6 million square kilometers of ocean – an area more than twice the size of Texas – including the creation of the largest marine reserve in the world in Antarctica's Ross Sea. We are also supporting efforts to bring back the jaguar and the Mexican Gray Wolf - now 32 wolf packs have returned to the Pacific Northwest! In Tanzania our partner has restored the wildlife of Mkomazi national park, and in the grasslands of Kenya, where we are helping jump start an important carbon sequestration project. These are just a few of the stories about the impact the generosity of our donors has helped make possible. Click the link in bio to get involved.




Mila López

Guapoo gracias por tener ese ❤️ y transmitírselo al mundo 🌎😍😘😘 me encantas más por dentro que por fuera!!!

Saboor Jatoi

Hey didn't this guy drown?

Julia Sanders

Congratulations!!! Btw I’m such a huge fan of Titanic 👍🏻💕

Taylor Hooker

so how do i date you so we can start saving the world?


@srndo hij wilt op mij lijken 😪


@c_martini94 Was ist da los ? 😂