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#Repost @mr_beau_jangles ・・・ Please read. Our poor Lilly girl is having a second surgery! Some of her tissue died which made the incision reopen up. This is unfortunately costing us at least another $1000 dollars which we don't have. Any donation of any amount would be very appreciative, even $1 Thank you. To donate click the link in bio.









😔😖🐕🐕🐕 poor poor Lily

Lonna Grzesik Gunther

Sorry, I see you set up you set up a go fund me... I'm sure You will get the money you need!

Lonna Grzesik Gunther

This breaks my heart! I wish I could help, I just spent 1300. On my doggies dental work! A few months back my other dog was found to have two disc issues and chronic pancreatitis. That bill came to over 1800, Why don't you try to set up a "go find me" I know people ask for assistance for their pets! I pray you will get the donations you need to help your angel. 🐶🙏