Amanda Cerny

I first started acting and writing my own skits on social media because no agency would accept me without a proper reel... had to hustle and build my own. I have been told "no" my entire life by now "smaller" influencers who wouldn't let me do collaborations with them because they'd assume I'm "just a talentless pretty face"... to modeling agencies kicking me out because "I am not tall enough or have to many life tattoos "scars" and don't get me started on the Hollywood producers and entrepreneurs who would not give me the time of day. Bottom line is that There are always ones who will turn you down but once you begin to prove yourself the people with value will begin to notice you. The world owes you nothing. You have to earn your place. Let it motivate you. Work harder. Be passionate, creative and DON'T GIVE UP!! Success is at your fingertips. Boss up. C👌🏼#cheersToAlwaysLearningandGrowing Show me how talented you are!!! Follow @livexlivemanagement





@amandacerny beutiest eyes..there is magic in ur eyes ☺️☺️💞💞

Deepak soni

Sooooo cute


Beautiful 😍😍🍷🍷👍

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Omg @amandacerny love this cure little face 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘